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Process and Business Model Digitalization

Reimagine process flows and structures for genuine advancement


It sounds logical at first to simply transfer established processes and structures to new IT-systems as they are. But: do you really make the most of the chances that new working environments provide? Are your established processes really the best way to do things in new IT-system environments? Maybe steps and collaboration ways are totally different once you digitized your work. During conversations it often becomes obvious quickly: „There is a better way to do things now”.

Modern CRM systems provide a multitude of additional options to simplify and generate additional value, in particular once you integrate them seamlessly into Office solutions and ERP systems. This even increases your options to redesign processes and structures and bring them to a new, up-to-date level. 

Business Process Analysis, Process Design and Functional Architecture are part of our core competences. We have already developed and implemented many innovative functional designs for our clients. 

We help you to reinvent your processes and structures and to make an evolutionary leap into a new digitized work environment:


  • Analysis of existing processes and workflows
  • Requirements gathering and engineering in close cooperation with stakeholders and implementation partners and documenting them in Functional Requirements Documents (FRD)
  • Development of new process designs that match your new digitized IT-landscape
  • Functional Design Documents (FDD) and their conversion into User Stories
  • Implementation support and continuous development with agile Project Management Methods like Scrum
  • Finetuning and Optimization in Go-live and Hypercare phases

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