Coaching on the Job

Strong leader, exceptional in his area of expertise and very successful in daily business. When it comes to key account development though there could me more progress.

Not every leader feels comfortable to drive key account and strategic alliances initiatives and sometimes there is simply not enough time to address this essential leadership topic. We strengthen your business leaders and help them be more successful by providing tailored consulting and knowledge transfer. As Co-Lead on projects we take over selected tasks and make sure your leaders get the practical day-to-day support needed. This way you are not only increasing your chances to win additional business but also ensure that your leaders have sufficient capacities for important daily business.


  • Coaching of functional leaders on BD topics
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Backing of important projects and processes
  • Sparring partner

Co-Lead for projects

  • Complementing BD skills for functional leaders
  • Faciliation of C-Level introductions and contacts
  • Shadowing and selective relief