Why a proposal center will lift your win rates to a new level

Are you wondering what you can do to turn more of your pitch opportunities into wins and more of the lost pitches into new opportunities? Have a look at what a professional proposal center can do for you.

A proposal center is much more than a marketing and business development team working on company presentations and optimizing powerpoint presentations. It is a specialized unit dedicated to developing, coordinating, delivering and negotiating world-class key proposals that win significant business.

The proposal center team provides the unique skills that are essential to succeed in pitches ranging from project leaders, business development and pitch specialists to marketing, powerpoint and creative resources.

While companies with significant proposal volume tend to set-up in-house national or global proposal centers there is an increasing number of organizations that use the services of full-service external proposal center specialists for particularly important pitches or to complement their capabilities.

Why will using a proposal center provide you with the competitive edge for your pitches?

  1. You collect and manage collaterals, cases, references, creative and templates in one place with quick access for different departments, units, countries when needed.
  2. One face to the customer: Your proposals and pitches will be consistent, no matter which unit or countries are involved. They will reflect your corporate identity as much as your pricing, product and service standards.
  3. You benefit from streamlined, clear processes and project management exactly tailored to submit your best proposal fast and well coordinated.
  4. The specialized Proposal Leader ensures that the proposal is spot on, its content and presentation tailored to the requirements of RfP and prospect. On the other hand it makes sure the offering is competitive but realistic and approved by stakeholders and management.
  5. Integrated proposal management and controlling allows you to decide upfront if you want to participate in a pitch, what you are willing to invest, track your proposals and ensure consistent and focused activity based on thorough analysis of the results.
  6. You build up and use specific proposal and pitch know-how and techniques that give you a competitive advantage not only in e-auctions and standardized RfP processes but also in proposal negotiation and strategy.

A world-class proposal center can catapult you into a different league of win rates by increasing the quality and competitive edge of your key proposals so that you tap the full potential of your business opportunities.

High Priority is a new and innovative consulting firm specialized in helping companies to be successful with key accounts, strategic alliances and big deals.
Our proposal center provides a full range of services supporting clients to win key proposals and helps clients to build world-class in-house proposal centers.
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