High Priority

A personal message from Daniela Zimmer

Welcome to our new website!

During the last months I was frequently asked: “What are you doing now and what is your new business about?” You may have heard about High Priority already and now you are curious who and what the story behind it is. That’s why I wanted to add some personal words to the facts.

Business Development in many different facets has been a focus of my career for a long time. Initially when I developed strategic sales alliances, then while covering the full spectrum of business development topics in corporate management roles for global financial services and consulting companies. During the past eight years in my role as Managing Director DACH region for a global, public consulting company I faced the importance of growing key accounts in our business as well as in projects helping multi-national clients with their growth and change initiatives.

What I noticed was that many companies struggle when it comes to “real” market development, the “high priority” initiatives. When they want to respond to a complex, global RfPs, when looking into new market segments or when it comes to the systematic development into new units of their most important clients, to name just a few examples. While the day-to-day sales and marketing business is well organized there is often a lack of suitable structures and processes for the “big fish” and moreover a lack of experienced senior capacities while everybody is busy with daily business and focused on routine tasks.

The good news is that results can be improved and increased significantly even with simple means and selective support. A well organized case library for example or a project lead that manages to connect the dots for a global proposal can make a huge difference. Not to mention purposeful relief for the senior management in time critical situations when they are so absorbed in daily business that they become a bottleneck for business development.

But how can you get exactly the support you need? Highly skilled, senior and at the same time pragmatic, discreet and most of all ready to go when you have a burning issue?

Those are exactly the questions that inspired me to found a company dedicated to helping clients become more successful and efficient with their key account development and strategic alliances.

I am looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm, ideas and the capability of my team with you and to experience together with you how your “High Priority” projects cause less stress and night shifts and a lot more confidence, fun and success stories.

Let’s talk about it!

With kind regards,